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September 10, 2013

172 – Bass Drum of Death

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Last week, while at work, I was completing some tasks after deadline. Since there was only one other person in the office, I decided to turn on some music.

The volume was loud enough that she could hear it, and, after a while, she said it sounded familiar and asked what I was listening to.

I semi-pretentiously told her she hadn’t heard of Bass Drum of Death, but I did agree that it sounded familiar. That’s because the garage rock outfit from Oxford, Miss., isn’t exactly charting new territory. John Barrett and his crew are following the sure-fire formula of guitar and drums, simple lyrics and short songs.

But despite its heavily trafficked status, rock music at its most bare bones will always appeal to the masses.

The above tune is the first single off the group’s second full-length release, the self-titled album that came out this past June. Clocking in at just under 35 minutes, the 11 tracks here are reminiscent of Cloud Nothings — and pretty much every other garage band that likes distortion.

It’s a slight progression for the debut full-length, 2011’s Gb City. That album was not only bare bones, but it was only about half as skeletal as its successor.

You can hear the simplicity on the title track.

The act has been around since 2008, when, as a solo project, it was known as John Barrett’s Bass Drum of Death. But it wasn’t until Barrett enlisted the help of others that the group really started to take off.

It has had songs featured in movies (Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance), video games (MLB 2K12 and Grand Theft Auto V) and commercials (for H&M clothing and NASCAR). I suppose that’s where my co-worker could have heard of them, since she’s a big NASCAR fan.

Anyway, if you’re just looking to kill some time or tired of listening to your iPod on shuffle, feel free to check out this band. It’s not re-inventing the wheel, but it’s a good palate cleanser.


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