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December 3, 2011

92 – Tammar

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I’ve always said that my biggest hang-up with heavy metal is the fact that I can’t understand any of the lyrics. If I don’t have something to sing, or hum, along to, then it’s just not gonna do it for me.

That’s why it’s interesting that I immediately fell in love with the latest album from Tammar. Even though I couldn’t understand a word that lead singer Dave Walter was saying, I could not help but bob my head to all seven of the tracks on Visits.

I should note that the band is nowhere near the heavy metal genre. The five-piece, which hails from the college town of Bloomington, Ind. — just a few hours south of me — churns out a hybrid synth/psychedelic/post-punk.

If that description seemed confusing, just listen to a track, and come up with a better label.

More than one online reviewer compared the band’s sound to 1970s krautrock. And NPR offered a more vivid description in its Song of the Day post.

The music is versatile enough that you could probably listen to it in any setting — while doing the dishes, driving to work or making out with your significant other.

Tammar put out a self-titled EP in 2008 and a live album, I Live Here Now, in 2009, but Visits, which came out this past October, is their first studio release. You can find more songs on their MySpace page and can download a few tracks for free at their Bandcamp page.


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