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January 29, 2014

191 – You Are Plural

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Have I mentioned how much I love finding great radio stations? Oh, I guess I have.

Well, in my last post, I noted that I first heard Wampire on the radio. To be more precise, it was on the University of Illinois’ student-run WPGU (107.1 FM out of Urbana).

During that brief stint listening to the station last month, I came across several previously unknown bands. One was You Are Plural, a trio out of Olympia, Wash., that is bringing a fresh sound to the indie scene.

Just one look at the group’s main instruments gives you a glimpse into its vibe, with Jen Grady on cello and vocals, Ephriam Nagler on the Wurlitzer organ and vocals and Chad Austinson keeping time on drums.

A good starting point is the band’s sophomore full-length, Rabbit Rabbit, which came out last month.

The group started as a duo (sans Austinson) in San Francisco. Grady and Nagler had been touring as backing members on various acts, including Cursive, The Felice Brothers and Adam Haworth Stevens.

Eventually, the two moved north and focused on their own project, putting out an LP and EP in 2011.

And that’s really all there is to tell. At least for now.


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