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June 20, 2013

164 – Bronze Radio Return

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I was first introduced to the Bronze Radio Return a few days ago via an email from Noisetrade. It was offering a compilation of top songs from the band’s three albums, including one that’s to be released next week.

In its write-up, Noisetrade compared the indie-pop/folk outfit from Hartford, Conn., to a number of popular indie-folk groups, such as Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers, The Lumineers and The Head and the Heart and the poppier Imagine Dragons.

Checking them out on MOG, and that site lists as contemporaries bands such as Young the Giant, Grouplove, Walk the Moon and Motopony.

But listen to any song in their catalog, and the first bands that should pop into your head are Gomez and The Fray. Actually. lead singer Chris Henderson’s vocals probably fall somewhere in between those two bands.

That is the title track from the group’s second full-length album, 2011’s SHAKE!SHAKE!SHAKE!. That disc had a more upbeat vibe than their 2009 debut, Old Time Speaker. It showed a transition from slower folk to more of a pop-folk sound.

Besides that track, other strong ones are “Down There” and “Wonder No More”.

And on the upcoming release, Up, On & Over, which comes out June 25, they kick it up another notch to something closer to indie-rock/folk. Some of the more solid entries on the new disc include “Further On”, “World Spin, Home Spun” and the title track.

Considering its long list of accolades and the number of times it’s popped up in TV shows and commercials, it’s a surprise the band has not blown up yet.

They’ve got some upcoming shows in a few major Northeast cities before making their way to the Midwest, including a stop in Evanston, Ill., on July 6.


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