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May 7, 2013

158 – The Mowgli’s

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For some of you, it might be difficult to get past the glaringly horrible grammar error in The Mowgli’s name. But if you’re able to quell your inner high school English teacher long enough to listen to the band’s debut EP, then you’ll find a group loaded with endless energy and potential.

The Los Angeles eight-piece doesn’t hold anything back on Love’s Not Dead, which came out in October 2012. On the opening track, “San Francisco”, the group channels The Polyphonic Spree while churning out an instant classic.

They continue their Up With People thing on “The Great Divide”, but with slightly lesser returns.

Then comes the album’s sleeper track, “Time”, which is just as great as “San Francisco”, but for totally different reasons. On this track, The Mowgli’s switch gears, drop all the harmonies — save for one notable line — and become something closer to the Plain White T’s or Okkervil River.

On “Slowly, Slowly”, the band changes gears again with a faster-paced indie-rock tune that wouldn’t sound too out-of-place on a Switchfoot album. But don’t let that comparison twist your stomach into knots. If this is what the band considers filler, it could do worse.

The closer, “Carry Your Will”, is a slow-builder that sounds almost like an indie-Christian rock song, with the band incorporating its signature harmonies throughout.

Overall, the disc is an interesting mix and shows some versatility from the band. And at just under 18 minutes, it’s an easy one to get through. The Mowgli’s hit the road next month and will make their way around the country, including stops at such festivals as Bunbury (Cincinnati), Lollapalooza (Chicago), Bumbershoot (Seattle) and LouFest (St. Louis).


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