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September 4, 2012

128 – Sleepy Vikings

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As summer slowly creeps into autumn, it just feels right to turn your music from breezy, poppy tunes to something a little slower and darker.

And to fill that void is They Will Find You Here, the 2011 debut album from Tampa, Fla., sextet Sleepy Vikings.

At times jangly, at times somber and always shoegazey, the Sleepy V’s — as one of my friends took to calling them — create a perfect soundtrack to a warm September afternoon when you’ve got the fan at Medium and a glass of water creating a pool of condensation on your coffee table.

The band members jokingly made up a new genre for their sound — Southern shoegaze — and the label has stuck. They’ve also given themselves a broader, slash-filled descriptor of “we’re an indie/shoegaze/country band.

With Julian Conner and Tessa McKenna melding their vocals beautifully, the group sounds like a cross between Yuck and Kopecky Family Band.

(That video doesn’t do the song justice. “These Days” is the band’s best track to date.)

There is no filler on the debut disc, as all nine songs are keepers. In addition to the two above standouts, other notable tracks include “White Wolves”, “Twin Peaks”, “Dear Long Distance” and “Flashlight Tag”.

Sleepy Vikings have played at SXSW the past few years and have toured some, but it looks like they’re just chillin’ in Tampa right now, gearing up for their sophomore release.


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