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November 14, 2010

51 – Brackett and Co.

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The most interesting part of discovering new bands is the weird ways you sometimes come across one.

While researching the Austin-based group, The Orbans, for a recent post, I was scrolling through their MySpace page and noticed some random concert flyer posted in the comments section. Normally, I wouldn’t even give it a second glance, but for some reason I looked it over and noticed in tiny, almost undecipherable print that one of the performing bands included members of Okkervil River.

“Hmm, I like Okkervil River. Maybe I should check these guys out.”

And that is how I discovered Brackett & Co., a quartet from Austin that includes three members of Okkervil River — former drummer Travis Nelsen, studio guitarist Brian Cassidy and keyboardist/horn player Scott Brackett, who plays guitar and sings in his namesake band.

The band formed about a year ago, and, so far, I’ve only heard the five songs that are posted on its MySpace page. But, in terms of sound, it’s clear B & Co. is definitely its own band, with a slower, heavier sound than the band that spawned them.

Occasionally, I can hear vocals that distinctly remind me of Okkervil River, which makes me think two things — either Okkervil vocalist Will Sheff is sitting in with the band, or Scott Brackett has a larger vocal role in the big band than I realized.

Anyways, this is a pretty solid side project, one that is still unsigned and has yet to properly release any music. So, for now, just check them out on MySpace, or go see them in person if you’re ever lucky enough to make it down to Austin.


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