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August 15, 2010

38 – Let's Wrestle

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On the spectrum of kinda annoying British indie bands, Let’s Wrestle falls somewhere in between Art Brut and Los Campesinos! — they’re not as grating as the former, but not quite as accessible as the latter.

According to the bio on their record label’s website, Let’s Wrestle are “trying to be as raw as possible, and they try to write songs that make your soul crumble as well as making you smile, sing along and clap your hands.”

That’s a pretty apt description.

Their most clap-worthy song is the tongue-in-cheekily titled “We Are the Men You’ll Grow To Love Soon”, the first single off their debut album, In the Court of the Wrestling Let’s.

It’s also the track that helped me discover the London trio in the first place — with a little help from NPR’s Song of the Day.

The first time I listened to the entire album, I was a little turned off and figured I’d only retain the aforementioned single. But upon the second listen, several more tracks started growing on me. And by the third go-round, I was sold.

Other songs that stood out include “My Arms Don’t Bend That Way, Damn It!”, “It’s Not Going To Happen”, “I’m In Fighting Mode” and the title track.

P.S. … Going off on a tangent, the lead singer, Wesley Patrick Gonzalez, looks like a cross between actor Clark Duke and indie god Ben Gibbard.


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