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July 26, 2010

KEXP discoveries

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In addition to NPR’s All Songs Considered, my other favorite podcast is KEXP’s Song of the Day. Whenever I go on long trips, there’s nothing better than tearing into a ton of new songs and discovering some gems.

Here are three acts that I never would’ve heard of had it not been for the KEXP podcast:

Title Tracks

Title Tracks is the latest project from John Davis, who before this was one half of Georgie James — and before that the drummer in trio Q And Not U.

In his latest endeavor, Davis, who is based in Washington D.C., writes and records all the songs and is joined by several musicians on tour.

Musically, Davis channels a whole timeline of pop genres, including the ’60s British Invasion, ’70s disco scene, ’80s underground and ’90s twee pop.

At the same time, Title Tracks’ music sounds both refreshingly new and incredibly familiar.

Davis released his debut album, It Was Easy, in February of this year.

Here’s the standout single from said album.

Title Tracks – Every Little Bit Hurts


While listening to the KEXP podcast, Romance definitely jumped out at me as a band I thought I’d like. And after listening to their album, The Divide, I don’t dislike them.

The problem is, the Seattle quartet sounds too much like every other Joy Division wannabe that has flooded the scene the past few years. And they don’t really have anything else to set them apart.

I doubt I’ll delete them from my iTunes, since their sound would be a welcome one during a shuffle session, but I can’t imagine ever feeling the urge to play their music exclusively again.

Here’s the song that first piqued my interest.

Romance – Face on the Sun

North Twin

North Twin was a Southern rock band from Seattle that was reminiscent of The Hold Steady — with less distinctive vocals — and a little bit of The Band.

I say “was” because they recently disbanded, playing their final show on March 6 in their hometown. They were together for four years and put out two quality albums — Falling Apart (2007) and Stronger At the Broken Places (2009).

Here’s the song I heard on the podcast.

North Twin – Clear As Day


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