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April 8, 2010


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EDITOR’S NOTE: While putting together my best-of-the-decade lists, I noticed there was nary a Radiohead song or album in sight. I realized that’s because I’d never really given them much attention and probably had only listened to one album in its entirety. I decided to rectify that by listening to their entire catalog, so I could finally have an informed opinion on what many consider to be the greatest band of my generation. This is the second entry in the series.

On their second short-play disc, Drill, Radiohead continues to experiment with different influences but also starts to show a more refined sound.

After a soft intro, the opening song, “Prove Yourself”, jumps into a hard, distorted arena normally occupied by bands such as Nirvana. The only difference from their grunge counterparts is the melody Radiohead brings to this tune.

The next track, “Stupid Car”, is the first real slow song the band put out and the first that displays the Radiohead that I know. It’s also my favorite song of theirs so far.

The last two tracks are repeats from their Manic Hedgehog EP. This time around, “You” sounds cleaner with little to no distortion, while “Thinking About You” sounds faster and crisper than the first go-around.

So, through two EPs, I’ve heard seven different songs, and there’s been nary a bad one in the bunch. I look forward to hearing their first LP.


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